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Burmese Wavy/Curly

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Our Burmese wavy/curly is known for its versatility.  Texture varies due to donor, no bundle will look identically the same. Pattern ranges from wavy/curly, curly or kinky curly. Our Burmese hair can easily be flat iron, once washed it reverts back to its natural wave pattern. Each bundle weighs roughly 3.2 to 3.5 oz

 Each bundle is roughly 3.0-3.5 oz

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Our Burmese wavy/curly is known for its versatility.  Texture varies due to donor, no bundle will look identically the same. Pattern ranges from wavy/curly, curly or kinky curly. Our Burmese hair can easily be flat iron, once washed it reverts back to its natural wave pattern.



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69 reviews for Burmese Wavy/Curly

  1. Dominique (verified owner)

    I have had this hair installed on a wig cap for about a month now and I love it! It’s a very natural curl and I am always receiving compliments. With this being my first time ordering from her, I am quite pleased and will definitely buy again.

  2. Lee

    I LOVE this hair this is my second install with this hair. It is amazing!

  3. Kierra (verified owner)

    I love this hair. The texture is beautiful, and super soft. The customer service is amazing as well !

  4. Gina

    I love my Burmese Wavy hair. This will be my third installment. This hair looks excellent when using the right products. No shedding and tangled free!!

  5. williams_jene (verified owner)

    I love this hair. The texture is beautiful, and super soft. The curls are gorgeous.mThe customer service is amazing as well !

  6. cocoguh (verified owner)

    This hair is the best I ever bought I am happy with this hair it matches with my natural hair Very well will be buying from them again.

  7. kcur72896

    best hair purchase i’ve ever made… loyal customer!

  8. salexaander84

    Omg All i can say is I love this hair.

  9. paulineeelizamoore

    I live in the Dallas area so I actually went to the boutique and it was heaven mrs toii helped me she was so sweet and down to earth and REAL about maintenance and taking care of the hair I love it it’s bouncy and super thick never buying from anywhere else

  10. asantewaadapaah (verified owner)

    The best curly I have purchased thus far.

  11. nealjimia

    This is the best hair ive ever used thus far, I was able to dye it jet black with no problems and when I washed it the curls went back into its original curl pattern. I will mos def keep ordering my hair from dhair boutique its well worth it..

  12. Brianawelch (verified owner)

    This is my third time ordering from dhairboutique. I actually have hair from her that’s three years old. This was my first time trying any curly hair and so far I am extremely pleased. And she didn’t skimp on the inches! Love my Burmese curly. D never disappoints me

  13. tamiyaechols (verified owner)

    I love this hair so much! I have had the Burmesse in for over 7 months and I have had zero problems with my install at all. I will never wear bundle that aren’t Dhair ever again!

  14. dhairboutique (verified owner)

    i lovedddddd my burmese curly hair! i had got three bundles & bleached turned out so well. it didnt shed or strip my hair at all. Im now back for the second time.

  15. kacie.eubanks

    This is the best hair ever!! I’m natural and this hair blends so good with my natural hair. It’s easy to maintain, just spritz some water on it and go. My favorite texture of all

  16. dhairboutique (verified owner)

    This hair is so awesome i honestly would not go anywhere to buy more hair. You get what you pay for and this was the first time i actually was able to wash and reuse my the hair and still have the same results. Dhair boutique rock!

  17. ricquel (verified owner)

    loving my burmese curly hair, it looks beautiful curly and straight.the texture is soft and silky

  18. Misty (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this curl pattern. By far the best curly hair I have used and I would highly recommend!!!

  19. blaqqueen

    I absolutely love this hair! It doesn’t tangle or shed! I had quit wearing extensions due to the shedding, smells,tangled and matted hair. It becomes so frustrating and embarrassing. This hair is curly and even after straightening it once I wet it the curl never changed. This hair is a great investment. I will always be a loyal customers.

  20. Jessica D (verified owner)

    I am an avid weave wearer and have tried several different types of hair. THIS is THE BEST hair I have ever used not to mention the BEST customer service I have ever receive from ANY company. Burmese wavy curly is my first time wearing curly hair and my first batch from Dhair. I have gone swimming with this hair and straightened it- the curls came RIGHT back! I have fallen in LOVE with this hair and this company. I am moving from Texas and I will not buy hair from anyone else.

  21. Tamarajay (verified owner)

    This hair is really good! Its low maintenance, all i do is wet, product and go! Its lasted me for a year so far and i’m still using it(: buy from them!

  22. Jasken (verified owner)

    Beautiful hair

  23. tiffany clewis

    Beautiful hair! No shedding or tangling! Highly recommended!

  24. law4wells

    I have been using this hair for a year and a half now and I am addicted the hair is amazing I have not one complaint ….my hair that I bought almost 2 yrs ago I have passed it to my daughter and it still looks great…I drive an hour to pick up my hair….and the customers service is amazing…..I thank God for this company!!! #Blessedandhighlyfavored#

  25. ukachi2000

    simply beauty i keep coming back for moooorrrrre.

  26. iam.marayej

    I love my Burmese Curly extensions. The curl pattern is so beautiful. The hair has beautiful shine. I chose this hair by recommendation from my cousin, who is on her 2nd install with this hair. I knew that I had to have it. This is my initial review before install. I will update this review once the hair is installed. I will definitely buy again from D Hair Boutique.

  27. nneoma.ajiwe (verified owner)

    Best curly hair I’ve ever had! I want more in different lengths. Great customer service and I can’t wait to buy more textures. love it!

  28. tlrichardson2882

    Loved this hair. I’ve colored and straightened and I still have curls. Just beautiful.

  29. brittney.odom (verified owner)

    Love love love my Burnese Wavy hair!! I got it about 3 weeks ago and I am in love. I love it curled and straight. Thanks for great customer service and getting my hair to me in one day.

  30. Natalie (verified owner)

    I LOVE this hair I have been wearing it for 6 weeks with minimal tangling and shedding! Soft and bouncy with beautiful curl patterns! Looks so natural.

  31. Kelly (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite hair hands down. I’ve never had wavy/curly hair that holds up like this hair. I had this hair for almost a year and it still looks like when I got it last August. The customer service is also excellent. The staff is friendly and go the extra mile to make sure your needs are meet. You have a life long customer in me!!

  32. jazzmo09 (verified owner)

    First time ordering from this company. And I have to say that IM in LOVE !!!! Very fast shipping!! This hair is so gorgeous and soft! I will be definitely ordering again!!

  33. Janea (verified owner)

    I got sent the most beautiful hair ever. The luster is great, the curl pattern is to die for and super soft!

  34. Cydya03

    I came in to the store to pick out my burmese wavy/curly bundles. I LOVE this hair. I get so many compliments every where i go. It does not shed or tangle and is very easy to maintain. I flat twist my hair up at night and untwist andcmy leave out matches perfectly. By far the best curly hair ive had. I cant wait to try the raw Malaysian next.

  35. alicia.tarver30

    I just fell in love with my hair. The way the curls bounce and stay curled I just love it. It is the perfect summer hair. I was on vacation and I just kept getting compliments on how cute my hair is. I will definitely be back and buy more hair.

  36. Esther (verified owner)

    In love with the hair. The curls are so soft and bouncy and blend in quite well with my natural hair.

  37. Fedorah (verified owner)

    Just received my hair and it’s beautiful! So soft and freshly washed

  38. Fedorah (verified owner)

    Just received my hair and it’s beautiful! So soft and freshly washed . Thanks for the reply via email as well

  39. brandy (verified owner)

    I love purchasing hair from this company! I currently have the raw Indian installed. It is my third time using this hair and it is flawless. I will be getting the burmese installed next and I cannot wait! Their customer service is the best. I will be purchasing from them again and again!

  40. brandy (verified owner)

    I love purchasing hair from this company! I currently have the raw Indian installed. It is my third time using this hair and it is still flawless. I will be getting the burmese installed next and I cannot wait! Their customer service is the best. I will be purchasing from them again and again!

  41. Keishea (verified owner)

    I Love my hair! I am a paying customer….this will be my 4th order. I have order for myself and my daughter. I ordered the Filipino straight for my daughter and Raw Malaysian and Burmese curly for myself. I have had my hair for over a year and installed it 4 times and colored it. The customer service is great. when I’ve asked questions about care the young lady (toe) who answer’s the phone is always helpful and patient.
    I’m going out of town and I wanted some fresh hair so I decided to get some more Burmese. I’m addicted to the product because it never changes.

    Thank you DHairBoutique for having the real deal! Finally and I hope it stays that way.

  42. Maria (verified owner)

    I love this hair I just wish they had longer length.??

  43. wyteshalasha1

    This is by far the best hair I’ve ever purchased and I’ve ordered from many hair companys it’s so soft no tangles and blends great with my natural hair I get so many compliments on this hair words can’t explain how bomb this hair is and did I mention it’s been 8 months since I’ve had this hair and it still looks new and even after I wash it after straightening it the curls bounce right back .

  44. ravenlee1114

    Hands down this is some of the best quality hair I’ve worn!! It’s soft, full, bouncy and does not shed! I’ve bleached my hair and dyed it back dark and it’s still the absolute same quality! I wear it straight on then weekends and it presses out silly straight. I’ve purchased hair from some high end vendors but this is the best curly hair ever! Customer for life!!

  45. Crystal.Scls

    I finally installed my Burmese Curly hair and I love it. I drove from Mississippi to Dallas, TX for this hair and it was well worth the travel. This is the first time I’ve actually gotten the look I’ve always wanted. So with that being said thank you for the new hair and new look.

  46. Monique (verified owner)

    This hair is amazing! I love the texture and how versatile it is. I plan to repurchase.

  47. necia32009

    The best hair I have had in my life!!! I love this hair will be a customer for life.

  48. dhpjj (verified owner)

    This hair is truly fabulous. I love it

  49. DEBORAH (verified owner)

    Thank You DHair Boutique for providing great quality hair. This is my first time wearing Burmese curly. Cannot wait to have it installed. 🙂

  50. Jenjira (verified owner)

    I am in LOVEE !!! With this hair. This is my first time purchasing Burmese Curly and I will be back for more !!!. Thank you dhairboutique now because of you I will be SLAYING !! Everyone at school ??

  51. Kionni

    I JUST LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE <3 <3 THIS HAIR!!! I went to Miami on vacation with this hair! I even got in the ocean and when I say my curls POPPED HONEY THEY POPPED! I got so many compliments on my hair. A lot of people even thought it was mines because my real hair blended perfectly!!! I would ONLY recommend Dhair and especially Burmese Curly!!

  52. ashley_hamptonbethel (verified owner)

    Bought this hair in March and had it installed twice. While it is very pretty, unfortunately I have had to deal with it shedding and tangling a lot. I am going to seal the wefts this time when I take it out and see if that will stop the shedding and tangling. Hopefully that works, as I really love the hair itself other than those problems. I am going to purchase the closure to give the top more fullness, hope it does not shed or tangle. Other than that, it is very pretty hair and the curls are beautiful especially when wet.

  53. Tracey (verified owner)

    I just got my Burmese Curly installed today and I am so in love already! My stylist loves it too. It’s soft and curly and just looks beautiful.

  54. Amberlige208 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered four 24″ bundles of raw Malaysian and one 24″ bundle of burmese curly. The ends of the burmese bundle is veryyyy frizzy and rough but the bundle itself is really soft. I’m hoping after I condition the bundle it won’t be as much frizz. I would upload a picture if I could.

  55. ddbrown09 (verified owner)

    I just received my hair in the mail and I love the texture! The hair also smelled great. However, I was a little disappointed in the packaging. The hair was wrapped in paper and placed in a pink paper bag. I am aware that the company ran out of boxes, but I at least expected the hair to come with a nice baggy or something to keep the hair in while it is not in use. Other than that, I hope the hair itself will make up for the small disappointment once I install it! I’m positive I will fall in love with it.

  56. yanavelaz1296

    When I received my hair it was beautiful but once I installed my hair the hair started shedding like crazy and when I try to detangle it gave me such a tuff time and even more hair would come out it was so tangled . Maybe I got a bad batch but I was dissapointed I spent all this money only for the hair to end up being took up in less then a week .

  57. Ayledelove


  58. Shanyrica (verified owner)

    I love the curl pattern. It was my first time trying curly hair and to my surprise it wasn’t hard to maintain. I had plenty of compliments and I would definitely recommend it to others

  59. jbn2018

    This is by far the best hair investment I have ever made. I have literally had this hair for 1 year. I have installed this hair multiple times with no issues. This Burmese hair is the perfect buy. I have straightened the hair bone straight with no issues and it holds a curl. I have also colored the hair honey blonde without frizz, shedding, or tangles. Amazing hair!!!

  60. Shontevia (verified owner)

    I LOVE MY BURMESE HAIR !! Dhair is honestly the best hair I’ve ever had. Had to get some more ! What I love the most about this curly hair it look so natural and it doesn’t shed . It looks so beautiful when it’s wet omg yes .. I order this hair for south padre and this hair look so beautiful in my pictures.. Like I love I can tell you a million times why I love this hair ..

  61. kingstonia79 (verified owner)

    I purchased my hair back in February and when I tell you this is the BEST hair I’ve ever had. The curls are amazing it doesn’t shed at all. I am also very pleased with the customer service, very friendly and so professional. I will definitely will be ordering from Dhair-boutique again.

  62. natashabutterfly5 (verified owner)

    I ordered the Burmese curly😍🙌🏾This hair is beautiful high maintenace but I love a challenge
    This truly is the best🙊hair.
    Thanks for the quality and customer service.

  63. kimwanya

    The absolute BEST curly hair! Omg…I looove this hair. It’s low maintenance and curls just pop! No shedding just beautiful curls! I’ve had this hair for 2 years and it STILL looks amazing!

  64. stanecia.roy (verified owner)

    Love my Burmese curly hair, it’s not my go to and I just recently bought the closure so that my natural hair can all be put away. Great for a wash and go look!!

  65. missfitnic (verified owner)

    I am disappointed in this hair I just installed. I first purchased the Burmese hair back in 2014-15 from Dhair. I went directly in the store and picked out my bundles in Dallas. It was AMAZING straight and curly and I used it for almost 3 years. I moved out of state and have ordered this hair 2 more times in the last 18 months and the hair was garbage each time.It arrived with very dry and frayed ends both times. I had my hairdresser flat iron the hair, and it is still frizzy. We had to cut 2-in off just to get rid of the horrible ends. The first time it happened…I called and they recommended deep conditioning the hair which didn’t work. I wore it for one install and took it out. I thought I would give them one more try and it was the same thing. Very disappointed. Going to Hawaii with hair I don’t like. I will not be ordering from here again. Very disappointed!

  66. keyaw01 (verified owner)

    I am loving my Burmese curly. I purchased the frontal, two 20″, and one 22″. I loved that the hair was already washed, it smelled refreshing. The curls are so beautiful and natural looking. The weft is thick so there is very little shedding and I do mean little. I didn’t need three bundles because the hair is full. You will not be disappointed with this hair and my stylist Princess Johnson did an excellent job with my installment. I have gotten so many compliments. Purchase your Burmese today and see Princess for your install if you live in Charleston SC. Loving my Burmese Curly.

  67. cvlot (verified owner)

    Lovely hair….beautiful curls.

  68. Tolulope51 (verified owner)

    Second time ordering on website. Wish you had more locations to buy in store. But i love this curl pattern and will not buy anywhere else 🙂 !!

  69. Keria Martin

    Went in-store to purchase this hair and it’s THE BEST hair I’ve ever ordered. Worth the price – I had it dyed blonde by my stylist and there’s been barely any shedding. I have naturally curly hair (3B/3C) and I can twist my leave out with the hair to get it to blend. I’ve gotten so many compliments and most people don’t even realize I’m wearing extensions because it looks so natural. I’ve already ordered Raw Malaysian next!

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