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Cambodian Dwavy
itips wavy/curly
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Our Burmese wavy/curly is known for its versatility.  Texture varies due to donor, no bundle will look identically the same. Pattern ranges from wavy/curly, curly or kinky curly. Our Burmese hair can easily be flat iron, once washed it reverts back to its natural wave pattern. Each bundle weighs roughly 3.2 to 3.5 oz

 Each bundle is roughly 3.0-3.5 oz

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(101) reviews for Burmese Wavy/Curly

  1. I have had this hair installed on a wig cap for about a month now and I love it! It’s a very natural curl and I am always receiving compliments. With this being my first time ordering from her, I am quite pleased and will definitely buy again.

  2. I LOVE this hair this is my second install with this hair. It is amazing!

  3. I love this hair. The texture is beautiful, and super soft. The customer service is amazing as well !

  4. I love my Burmese Wavy hair. This will be my third installment. This hair looks excellent when using the right products. No shedding and tangled free!!

  5. I love this hair. The texture is beautiful, and super soft. The curls are gorgeous.mThe customer service is amazing as well !

  6. This hair is the best I ever bought I am happy with this hair it matches with my natural hair Very well will be buying from them again.

  7. best hair purchase i’ve ever made… loyal customer!

  8. Omg All i can say is I love this hair.

  9. I live in the Dallas area so I actually went to the boutique and it was heaven mrs toii helped me she was so sweet and down to earth and REAL about maintenance and taking care of the hair I love it it’s bouncy and super thick never buying from anywhere else

  10. The best curly I have purchased thus far.

  11. This is the best hair ive ever used thus far, I was able to dye it jet black with no problems and when I washed it the curls went back into its original curl pattern. I will mos def keep ordering my hair from dhair boutique its well worth it..

  12. This is my third time ordering from dhairboutique. I actually have hair from her that’s three years old. This was my first time trying any curly hair and so far I am extremely pleased. And she didn’t skimp on the inches! Love my Burmese curly. D never disappoints me

  13. I love this hair so much! I have had the Burmesse in for over 7 months and I have had zero problems with my install at all. I will never wear bundle that aren’t Dhair ever again!

  14. i lovedddddd my burmese curly hair! i had got three bundles & bleached it..it turned out so well. it didnt shed or strip my hair at all. Im now back for the second time.

  15. This is the best hair ever!! I’m natural and this hair blends so good with my natural hair. It’s easy to maintain, just spritz some water on it and go. My favorite texture of all

  16. This hair is so awesome i honestly would not go anywhere to buy more hair. You get what you pay for and this was the first time i actually was able to wash and reuse my the hair and still have the same results. Dhair boutique rock!

  17. loving my burmese curly hair, it looks beautiful curly and straight.the texture is soft and silky

  18. I absolutely love this curl pattern. By far the best curly hair I have used and I would highly recommend!!!

  19. I absolutely love this hair! It doesn’t tangle or shed! I had quit wearing extensions due to the shedding, smells,tangled and matted hair. It becomes so frustrating and embarrassing. This hair is curly and even after straightening it once I wet it the curl never changed. This hair is a great investment. I will always be a loyal customers.

  20. I am an avid weave wearer and have tried several different types of hair. THIS is THE BEST hair I have ever used not to mention the BEST customer service I have ever receive from ANY company. Burmese wavy curly is my first time wearing curly hair and my first batch from Dhair. I have gone swimming with this hair and straightened it- the curls came RIGHT back! I have fallen in LOVE with this hair and this company. I am moving from Texas and I will not buy hair from anyone else.



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