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Filipino Straight $125.00
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Cambodian Straight is very durable, voluminous and full. This texture is very soft and easy to maintain. Cambodian hair holds curls very well in humid weather. Hair comes in a natural dark brown hair color. Always refer to a license color specialist when altering the natural color of your tresses.

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(19) reviews for Cambodian Straight


    I recently purchased this hair last Wednesday, as I was getting a new install on Saturday and wanted to go straight for the holidays. I am very skeptical when it comes to straight hair, as some straight hair looks great for a few days then just start to look ‘doll like’ to me, so I normally wear Cambodian Wavy and will just straighten it bc I know the Wavy is fabulous and looks natural whether I wear it straight or in its natural wavy state.

    Cambodian Straight has bounce and body, and the perfect amount of sheen so it’s natural looking and just flawless! This hair holds curls like a dream, and is so soft, I can’t stop touching it! I bought 2 bundles of 14/16 and my stylist didn’t need the 2 full bundles because this hair is so thick from root to tip, but I made her put it all in as I didn’t want my wefts cut.

    The hair came in a natural 2 color, so I dyed it soft black. Not a single hair fell from the wefts, and I mean NOT ONE! Some wefts will have loose hair that you have to brush out, so I was expecting a few strands, but to not have one, I was beside myself. You can literally run your fingers through this hair, and the hair just flows through the fingers w/o any tangling (not even in the neck area).

    I don’t know where this hair comes from, but DHair has found a jewel in the sea of straight hair. This review really doesn’t do the justice of this hair and how amazing it is.

    Cambodian Straight is my favorite new texture and I’ll definitely be purchasing longer lengths in the very near future! Love my DHair Cambodian Straight!!!

  2. hey can anyone tell me how to order this hair and do they ship to Virginia ?

  3. Just installed this hair yesterday and its so lovely! I got 4 bundles, 14,16,18,18 and its just amazing. I have never had such great hair, its such good quality. Definitely will be purchasing from here again.

  4. I order the Cambodian Straight in inches 16,18,& 22 and it’s absolute amazing. At first my order wouldn’t go through and I was getting very angry until I called to the stored and the young lady told me to do it through PayPal. So I did that and my order went straight through that time. So therefore the customer services was EXCELLENT. I called back to the store to make sure my order went through, and the young lady was very polite and sweet. She told me my order went through and when my order will arrive to my house which was another A+. My hair doesn’t shed, it keeps the shine so therefore I do not need any oil, when I curl my hair, the curls are amazing, and have a lot of body.. This will be the ONLY place I will buy hair from. This hair is worth every penny. YOU GUYS ROCK

  5. I actually purchased 2 bundles of the slight wave hair in 14/16 inch. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough, so I ordered another bundle. My stylist didn’t need the entire 3rd bundle because the hair was so full. It’s actually a bit longer as well. I love the hair, the texture is awesome, there is NO shedding, the wefts are thin and lay extremely flat. The hair curls effortlessly (I used flexi rods for about 20 minutes). This hair is worth every cent spent.

  6. THIS HAIR IS GORGEOUS!!! I wasn’t expecting my package until Monday and I was shocked to see the FedEx guy at my door but I literally ripped the package open just so I could finally feel the hair that I had been staring at on my phone through snapchat and Instagram for so long…and it definitely lives up to the hype. It was so soft and luxurious looking. It was my plan to get my hair installed later on before I went on vacation but I change my mind, I want it in now. Definitely coming back to order more.

  7. Ohh Baby this hair is fabulous. I ordered the Cambodian straight in 14/16/16. When I say this hair is soft and thick from top to bottom, I’m in love. I can’t wait to install this hair for my 30th bday. The sheen and luster is everything. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through this hair. Dhairbotique please make a frontal or closure to match this hair. The hair is about #2 brown but I will be dying it jet black. Thank you so much for fast shipping and my pretty box to store my hair. I’m a first time customer and it won’t be my last. I will be ordering again before the year ends. P.S. Ladies hurry and come to NY, ofcourse I will be your first customer. I almost forgot my mink day lashes is everything. I will be slaying, come through 30 years old. Thank you so much for putting a big smile on my face.

  8. The hair doesn’t shed and doesn’t tangle. I prefer the Cambodian Slight Wave due to the course nature and it blends better with my leave out. However, I would recommend the straight also. The hair arrived with a blunt cut at the ends and arrive in a beautiful box.

  9. I’ve had Cambodian straight for 6+ months now and it’s still ready for its 3rd Install. I am never leaving this company again my investment is so much more worth it now and the hair looks 10x better.

  10. February 2016 I purchased three bundles , 18 18 & 20 the product comes in impeccable quality already shampooed truly full from root to tip ZERO SHEDDING I sealed my wefts , wore wand curl that lasted days!! I’m so in love with this hair I will never shop anywhere else had this installed four times over the year it’s still in great condition but I want some more in new lengths , you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED THE HAIR BLENDS SO WELL WITH A LEAVE OUT . It deserves ten stars you will not be disappointed ladies .

  11. And another note you should always order three bundles but you could truly use two for a full head

  12. Abosouloutly AMAZING HAIR !!!! I love it!!! Easy too maintain the list Goes On I’m Beyond Satisfied 💯💯

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  14. This has been my absolute go to hair for years. It colors perfectly and can hold a curl and go back straight like it’s nothing. No smell no tangling or shredding. I am a huge hair junky and this is the BEST

  15. This has been my favorite hair on this site other than the filipino straight. It is just the right mixture of coarse and silky to look more natural. Will be purchasing again soon!!

  16. This is my favorite hair by far! I can flat iron it, curl it, burn it , you get my point lmao and the hair will still be flawless. After every wash and set my hair is just as fresh as when I bought it. Although all hair is great from d’hair, this is my favorite! I will travel all the way from the Bronx to Brooklyn just to get this hair from their location. I recommend for everyone !

  17. I have to say, this is the best hair ever. Back in 2016, I was so scared 😟 to order hair online but I wasn’t disappointed ☺️ It was delivered in the time it was promise. It came in this beautiful box(still have to this day). It color so perfect 👌🏾. It was full and my stylist had no problem installing it. So many compliments and asking where I get my hair at. So yeasssss this is the only place I order and recommend to purchase good quality hair and service.

  18. My hair is just as good as the day I purchased it! No tangles and No shedding!

  19. Excellent product