Cambodian Slight Wave

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Raw Curly Tape Ins $190.00
(126 customer reviews)


DhairBoutique’s  Raw Cambodian hair is imported from Cambodia and is known to be coarse with loose sultry waves with a low natural luster. 100% Unprocessed Human Hair, Free of Animal Hair, Synthetic fibers.

 Each bundle is roughly 3.0-3.5 oz

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(126) reviews for Cambodian Slight Wave

  1. Really just made an account to leave a review. I’ve had this hair since May 2016. Splurged on it for my college graduation. It’s January 2018 and I have it in my head now. Still looks amazing. I got it made into a u- part wig now, and get compliments all the time. My hair is relaxed and it blends effortlessly. Very thick bundles. Minimal shedding and tangling. Great flow. Like I really have no complaints. Great quality hair and worth the investment.

  2. Hello. I waited a long time to post this review. While I loved this hair, I do have some complaints. I’ve used this hair three times for a sew-in for the last two years. The hair is the same as it was the very first time I installed it. The hair tended to get very dry and frizzy. It was also hard to hold a decent curl. The curl would literally drop within a few hours. After awhile (just as I did with the very first install,) I found myself having to wash and deep condition my hair at least once a week for it to look and feel decent. I called the company instead of waiting for no reply from an email and they instructed me to get a specific serum that they highly recommended and to use this directly after I wash my hair before styling. Did I find a difference when using it? Not really. However, I kept using because it was a little pricey and I enjoyed the smell 🙂 … Would I order from this company again? I would, I just would not order this texture again because of my experience.

  3. I was so nervous to purchase my new bundles. The ladies in the store were super helpful. Educated me on the type of hair I needed, didn’t pressure me and also made sure I felt good about my purchase. I am SO SO Happy with my purchase. My hair was installed and my stylist said it was the best hair she ever used. I workout daily and my hair just keeps looking better and better. Natural, non-shedding and amazing. 4 Thumbs up!

  4. This was the first bundles I tried with Dhair and looooved it! It was the best purchase I had made from any hair company. I’ve washed this hair at least 25 times and I’ve had several installs and my hair still looks new. It’s going on 3 years and I still love this hair!

  5. My 1st dhair purchase loved the hair. Hair is still good 2 years later. Curls beautifully.

  6. I have had this hair for about a year and a half now and it still looks brand new every time I re-install it (my stylist always asks if I bought new hair each time and I proudly tell her “nope, same hair”). To keep it looking new, I don’t put a lot of heat on it when I have it installed and when I take it down and wash it, I ALWAYS boil it with SiliconMix. This was the best hair investment I have made in my life. I usually wait for a sale and buy a bundle or closure/frontal at a time then when I get ready to install I use what I have. The sales are often enough that I don’t have to struggle to wait for one. But this Cambodian Slight Wave is perfect for me because I can wear it bone straight when I want to dress up or have a nice natural wave to it that looks relaxed. I would definitely recommend this hair to everyone!

  7. Beautiful hair. Thick from top to bottom
    Just sheds ALOT. Going to try and seal the wafts for next installment.

  8. Dhair Boutique is one of my favorite companies to purchase hair from, but this hair texture was definitely not my favorite. It stayed frizzy and just did not look as great as the other hair I bought. I consider sending the hair back to them to revamp it, but decided not, because if my other bundles could go without the revamping this was obviously just a bad batch of hair. I thought I was just mistreating the hair, but after talking to the girls on the phone a couple of months ago, and other hair stylist I know, I was doing everything I was supposed to do.

    As the girl stated above, I waited awhile to give a review on this hair as well, but after recently looking at the reviews on their yelp account I know it wasn’t just me who wasted money on hair.

    It sucks to rave about a company to your family, friends, and others when you don’t receive the same consistency as before.

    Maybe I just got a bad batch, but I will either go back to the texture I had before, or look into a different company.

  9. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of my hair and the customer service. My hair has been installed for 2 days and I had about 10 strains of hair that came out. I am a regular 9 to 5 woman with two kids. I decided to treat myself to good hair because I experienced shedding, dryness, and just pure bad hair in the past. I decided to INVEST in good hair for once, put myself 1st for once. Yet I am disappointed again by a company that seem to be the best on the market. The hair is frizzy, it sheds, and simply doesn’t have no silk or shine. It’s a hard pill to swallow to know that I am out of $500, but yet the owner can be on Instagram posting videos but won’t respond to my email.
    Stand by good ethics and not by marketing tactics to get people to waste their hard earned money on a product that isn’t any better than the others.

    I was so excited to get my hair, I felt like a child on Christmas day, and those who are moms know exactly what this feels like. What a waste of money!

  10. This hair was SUCH a disappointment. I ordered during the Black Friday sale but I just installed it about 2 weeks ago. Let’s talk about the shedding first. As soon as I took the hair out the box & ran my fingers through it.. multiple strands fell into my lap. Now that it’s installed, I can’t not comb or brush through it without having a floor & sink full of hair. Now the dryness, this hair is EXTREMELY dry! I’ve deep conditioned multiple times within the two weeks of having it installed… I’ve cut the ends and I bought dry oil spray. Nothing seems to be a remedy. It most definitely tangles, but I believe it’s due to the dryness. This was my first time ordering from this company… I really want to give them a chance but I think they change their vendors during huge sales. I’ve known people who ordered throughout the year & their hair is amazing. I know two girls who ordered during Black Friday and their hair is just as trash as mine. My advice, don’t buy this particular texture or origin if you want to try their hair. Or don’t buy it during a sale.

  11. I have ordered from DhairBoutique several times over the past 2 years, I can honestly say I love this hair, very good quality. So I ordered several bundles on the Black Friday sale, which was an awesome sale!! Anyhow, I contacted the Arlington store and spoke with Jaz, who was able to express mail my hair to me, for an additional charge. The customer service has been awesome along with a great product.

  12. Best hair ever. I remember using another company for hair, but their customer service was awful. Since I ordered from dhairboutique, I have never been dissatisfied. Great hair, and even greater customer service.

  13. I purchased this hair for my daughter last month. It is beautiful and very natural looking! She loves it!

  14. I love this texture. It matches perfectly with my hair and I always get compliments. I highly recommend. 🙂

  15. Absolutely amazing hair! I had it for almost 4 year and it was still bouncy and thick.

  16. I have purchased this hair 3 times, each time a different length for a different wig. Each time the hair has been flawless!!! The quality of this true Raw hair is impeccable. I have not had any shedding, curls hold for days (thank goodness bc I’m lazy) and after 4+ years, each wig looks just as good as when it was first made. If you want true raw hair, ditch the Yummy Dummy, and get THE BEST DAMN HAIR!!! 🙂

  17. I ABSOLUTELY love love love Burmese curly hair not only can it color very well it last seems like forever because the quality is so GREAT! I have purchased all of D’Hair hair (except for Sea) only to fall in love with ALL of them but if I had to choose to WIN!!!!! i choozzzzze Burmese ! I am 50ish and fly and this IS the only hair I buy and have been for a looooooong long time! Thank you for the great costumer service and great timely delivery.

  18. Dhair Cambodian slight wave is some of the most luxurious and luscious hair to ever have! I purchased 4 bundles and they were all full from root to tip! I’ve had these bundles for about 3 years and every time I install them I fall in love more and more! Many ppl sale hair but Dhair has a passion about her business! PERIODT! 💪🏾Snag you some best damn hair !

  19. I purchased for the first time during Black Friday and I am so happy with the outcome. When I received it, it was soft and full. After the install it was still maintaining the same. They don’t compromise quality at all. It’s in my head right now and let me tell you… it’s Worth every dime, penny, and nickel spent. I’m locked in with D-Hair!

  20. This hair is soooo bomb and I’ve had it for smut two years now and it still look good



  • Slight Wave Texture
  • Medium-low luster
  • Perfect texture for natural or relaxed hair
  • 100% raw
  • Hair cut directly from a single donor
  • NO synthetic fibers
  • Thick from root to tip
  • Will revert back to a natural state after washing
  • Longevity: 3-5 years with proper care
  • Hair can be colored
  • Natural 1B varies darker to lighter
  • Fast shipping
  • Bundle Weight: 3.0-3.5 ounces per bundle you will need atlas 2 bundles for a complete install, for lengths 22inches and up we highly recommend 3 bundles