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Filipino Straight

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Our Filipino is sourced in Philippines. Filipino hair comes in natural black, slight coarse, and full of body. Filipino is very natural with an amazing luster and sheen. Our Filipino hair comes in slight straight.

ATTENTION: 14/16 is considered 1 bundle; 14inch curled, 16inch measured straightened. Each bundle is roughly 3.0-3.5 oz


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Our Filipino hair is sourced in The Philippines. Filipino hair comes in natural black, slight coarse, and full of body. Filipino is very natural with an amazing luster and sheen. Our Filipino hair comes in slight straight and a rare natural wave.

 Each bundle is roughly 3.2-3.5 oz


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39 reviews for Filipino Straight

  1. Markeisha (verified owner)

    Just received my hair, very excited. Shipping was very fast, and my package arrived in a timely manner! Have not installed the hair yet (as you can tell from my first sentence lol), but hair looks and feels very authentic! Will give a follow-up review once installed.

  2. Lari (verified owner)

    Love this hair, in fact the best hair that I’ve purchased this far. I’ve had two installs using this hair and I’m going on the third. Considering mixing the bundles I have with the Malaysian. We shall see.

  3. londan1992 (verified owner)

    This hair is BOMB.COM. Best hair i have ever had and ive been through many companies and been DISAPPOINTED. I have the hair since FEB 2014 and its now SEPT 2014. WORTH every penny. Very little shedding, i cut my wefts my last install, NO tangling, and very manageable! Perfect this company puts in effort.

  4. Janeka (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hair!!! The best I’ve ever tried so far. I get sooo many compliments on it because you can tell it’s high quality by just looking at it.

  5. charnaend (verified owner)

    I am in love with my hair! Best major hair purchase in a while! Thank you DHair Boutique

  6. cuteboots18 (verified owner)

    I have had this hair since June 2014 and have gone to jamaica and Hawaii’s beaches gotta it wet and it’s still PERFECT. This is by far The BEST HAIR I’ve ever bought and there’s NO TANGLING what’s so ever which is unbelievable I will be buying from again.

  7. utotally

    This is by far the best hair ive ever ordered. I have no complaints. I get so many compliments on my Hair and dont forget how hair make one have a different attitude. Mines is swaggalicious! Dhairboutique u guy rock….Toii customer service is impeccable, k eep up the good work guys!

  8. Markeisha (verified owner)

    This hair is the best of the best!! Did a second installation with hair I purchased prior along with an additional bundle (like hair to be full); hair was still in very good condition. Very good quality hair, I will defintiely continue to purchase! Keep up the great work.

  9. Illeana (verified owner)

    Love this hair! It’s so soft and bouncy! I definitely will order from here again!

  10. morgan.s.graham (verified owner)

    This hair is amazing! Super thick! Great quality! Doesn’t tangle or shed at all!

  11. Abrenica (verified owner)

    This is my favorite hair ever!!!! It has the perfect luster and it’s so bouncy and flows like no other. Everybody asked me where I got my hair from!!! It makes me feel amazing when I’m just out & about and somebody comes up to me complimenting my hair. My hair is natural I had just a little bit of leave out & it blended perfectly. I purchased this hair about a year ago and it’s still in perfect condition gives me no problems! Hair curls like a dream and also gets super straight & has lots of body. Well worth every penny & I recommend this hair to everybody!

  12. dhairboutique

    Love this hair! It’s lasted me 4 months so far. I treat it just like real hair. I wash it once every 1-2 weeks and blow dry it and it retains the consistency and texture. Definitely recommend.

  13. Kristenn (verified owner)

    By far the most beautiful hair I have ever received, and trust me I have tried my fair share. I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase.

  14. Sylvia (verified owner)

    I Ordered my daughters 18 Filipino Hair on Wednesday and I received it on Friday. It is the 3rd time me ordering from here and this time I got a long length for my daughter. I have bought my first bundle a year ago and it still looks good like it is brand new. If you want a great investment in hair. DHair boutique is the best. One day when I visit Dallas I will visit the store to look at all the great hair.

  15. Regina (verified owner)

    I ordered this hair on Friday and it arrived on Monday. The hair is very silky and unlikely any other quality I have seen before. This hair is more than other sellers but the saying you pay for what you get is very true. I am very happy with this purchase.

  16. dhairboutique

    I purchased the Indian hair and now i purchased the Filipino and it blends great and works amazing with color. I’ve never had a better experience with this hair and lov eit and now im going to look perfect for prom!!

  17. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this hair!! I bought just one bundle to determine if I would like it or not and I’m sold! Buying additional bundles and closure now!

  18. diamondzz45 (verified owner)

    I love Dhair Boutique!!! I ordered my hair thursday and received it saturday morning. I wasn’t expecting the delivery to be that fast so I was extremely happy. And once I opened my package and seen/felt my hair I was sold!! I love the thickness, the luster, and the softness of this hair; i also purchased a closure which i love. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together when I get my install.

  19. Angel (verified owner)

    Love this hair after cowashing worth the price

  20. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Absolutely impressed with this hair! I have been wearing dhair filipino straight now for about a year now. This hair does not tangle, has very minimal shedding and holds a curl extremely well. I have gone on vacation with this hair and despite the heat, humidity, and getting it wet, it still is in fabulous condition!! I have also worn their filipino closure and was equally impressed. I have recommended the hair to several friends and am excited to try their Cambodian slight wave next!

    To top it off, customer service is great and shipping is very fast!

  21. Ayauna (verified owner)

    If the customer service matched the hair I would be a very loyal customer. Great hair! Service needs improvement though. I spoke with a female about a rush order being delayed. Thankfully, I ended up receiving the order later that day but when I spoke with her she rushed through the conversation, talked over me and was very arrogant and insensitive. Having a great product and lousy service will never take a business as far as having great service coupled with a very good product. Even if your business is doing good, it could always be doing better.

  22. Ivy (verified owner)

    I bought my very first bundle(s) from dhairboutique 2 months ago, I have never had such great quality hair! The hair was silky and full and to this very moment has maintained the same quality. I am very particular about what I purchase and it was worth it. I have found the best hair company. Thank you guys! #loyalcustomer

  23. makeupbyrimadallas

    Dhair boutique has the best hair I ever bought so far. I’ve been buying hair from several different companies for years and I am happy to say that I finally found a company that gives me the quality I am looking for. I bought the filipino straight in 2013, made it into a wig and it’s still alive today. It was definitely worth my money. I would recommend this hair to everyone. Thank you!

  24. moniquedilonga

    Filipino straight is my favorite hair by far! My bundles are brown with some natural slightly lighter tones of brown and match up with my hair perfectly. I didnt have to color it at all. The hair stayed nice and didn’t get frizzy when I went to FL in all the humidity, still looked good after it got wet. Low maintenance hair, can hold a curl. I loved the fact that looked really natural with my relaxed hair. I bought my first 3 bundles in March, and haven’t had any tangling. Minimal shedding since I cut my wefts. Bought my 4th Bundle this week for my new install and to get a fuller look, turns out I had some left over

  25. jazzbsoccer

    My experience was amazing here! I first started going to Boojee hair, but this hair has such a better quality and natural feel! I absolutely love it!!!!!!

  26. Malika857

    This is my second time buying with dhairboutique. I absolutely loved my Filipino tresses . Next Cambodian. Seriously if you want quality over quanity. Limited shedding. Beautiful luster. Postive shopping environment. Friendly employees that care about your hair care. This is the place to shop with. Love love them. ?

  27. shntlljackson (verified owner)

    Just bought this hair about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it!!! Best hair I’ve ever bought and I will be buying again! The hair is so soft with no tangles and it just flows! I love the natural wave it has with it as well, love it!!

  28. xraechic

    Gorgeous hair, with minimal to no shedding, and AMAZING customer service everybody has been polite and helpful. Staff seems to be very knowledgeable about the variety of hair etc… This is my second use of the Filipino straight and I have yet to be disappointed. The first install was with a full sewin where I received many compliments on texture as well as fullness of the bundles. Recently I decided to have the bundles made into a unit (2nd use) with a closure that I also purchased from dhairboutique, again extremely satisfied. People are constantly asking why I purchase hair from a place based out of Texas when I live in Virginia. However, this hair is amazing and speaks for itself, Love love love these tresses! Cant wait to try the Malaysian with a bob unit…

  29. Kirby (verified owner)

    I love love love this Filipino straight hair! I initially purchased it in spring 2014 for my wedding and it was a great decision. I still have my bundles and constantly get compliments when I wear them. I have been buying bundles from Dhairboutique since summer2012. The hair is of high quality and shedding is NOT an issue. I’ve recommended this hair to family, friends, and coworkers and they all agree that this hair is of great quality. Dhair is by far one of the best brands of virgin hair. Wouldn’t purchase from anyone but them.

  30. destinehudson (verified owner)

    At first I was skeptical with the price and how thick the bundles would be but so far I am impressed. The only reason I rate it 3 stars was because i felt like my order was just thrown in the fed ex package. I didn’t get a cute Baggie that I thought I would get like everybody else nope I got my hair wrapped up in paper which isn’t a plus for me paying as much as I did. Overall I am happy with my hair just not with the packaging.

  31. Shanyrica (verified owner)

    I purchased this hair in August. I did not install it until October. I can tell you that this is the best hair I’ve ever had. It has now been installed for over 2 months, and it is still as soft as it was the day I put it in. The luster is still amazing, and there really is minimum to no shedding. It blends with my hair perfectly. It also holds a curl really well. I would definitely recommend this hair to anyone. I will definitely be ordering again.

  32. Amanda

    I absolutely love this hair! No shedding its gorgeous and blends in PERFECTLY with my natural hair! Can’t stop whipping my hair lol 😉 also the ladies in the boutique was very helpful and friendly! Like they say.. You get what you pay for!

  33. Oisis (verified owner)

    This is some of the best hair that I ever had! I was able to use this hair for three installs and it could go for a couple more. There hair looks so natural, there’s no shedding, it blends with me hair really well and I always got compliments on it. Dhair Boutique is a must have.

  34. Calandra (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this hair. I’ve only had it installed once but I wore it for three months. It is soooo soft and had NO SHEDDING OR TANGLING!! I will be ordering the Burmese as soon as it is restocked. I will FOREVER shop with DHair Boutique!!

  35. stacyelizabeth01

    Hands down this is the best straight hair out there. I purchased 3 bundles of 14-16 last year . This hair is amazing it is so full and thick doesnt shed or tangle. I’ve had the hair bleached and colored and dyed back to black and the texture remains the same ! Luxurious!! Forever a DHGirl !!

  36. chnelle934 (verified owner)

    First off, let me say that I am fairly new to weave. Never knew the difference between raw and processed hair, until now. I bought 4 bundles of this hair (2×20,2×22) a little over a year ago. Accidently, I cut up the tracks of the 2×20 bundles and thought they would shed a lot. BARELY!! I turned them into clip-ins and I love this hair. It still looks brand new like I bought it yesterday!! The lustre and softness of this hair is out of this world. I couldn’t stop “petting” the hair Lol. I haven’t dyed the hair yet because I love the natural color. Barely any shedding and is tangle FREE!!! I’ve bought cheaper hair recently and boy you can tell the difference. Trust me this hair is worth every dime. Thank you guys for such quality hair and service.

  37. Celeste_moore

    I purchased 2 bundles of Filipino straight 5/18/18 and had it enstalled the following day. I can’t put into words how much I LOVE this hair. It’s absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Perfection!!!! And the customer service was excellent also. I’ll never use another brand.

  38. grrynessa (verified owner)

    This is the very best hair that I have ever used. I get so many compliments on this hair.😍😍😍

  39. bisi165 (verified owner)

    I’m highly disappointed in Dhair. This hair had so many “beards” (shorter length hairs) which means there are so many fly aways. Also, I’m assuming due to the subpar weft construction the hair has been tangling. I’ve received hair from them before an I didn’t have this experience. The only difference was that I bought these bundles during Black Friday as opposed to my first purchase. The last bundles were amazing, just be weary during Black Friday shopping.

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