Raw HD Wavy Closure

Product Description

Raw HD Straight Closure $195.00
Raw HD 613 Closure $195.00
(5 customer reviews)


5×5 & only available in 18″ inches.

Raw Wavy Closures Pair Best With:

  • Cambodian Slight Wave
  • Cambodian Dwavy
  • SEA (Southeast Asian)


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(5) reviews for Raw HD Wavy Closure

  1. I really love this hair! I bought the 18/20/22/22 and I’m soooo in love! Ready for my install! ?????

  2. Let me start by saying, This is my first closure. The hair is gorgeous just like the rest of the line. I paired my closure with the Cambodian slight wave bundles. My issue is that the closure is so thick it’s not very realistic. I had to pluck quite a few hairs out around the part. And the silk is just not realistic. Either way the install is complete and it does not look bad… It will serve its purpose on the islands.

  3. Very easy to bleach, does not tear when sewing into wig or regular weave. Color already looks like a natural dark brown High quality texture!!

  4. I paired this closure with the Cambodian slight wave hair and it blended perfect. The closure blended perfect with my skin I didn’t even have to bleach it. I was able to use this closure for teo years with multiple installs.

  5. If possible closure color close to previous order # 195772 Thank you