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Virgin HD Deep Wave Frontal $250.00
SEA Beach Wavy / Curly $155.00
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Our Raw Malaysian hair has been imported directly from Malaysia. It’s known to have a healthy medium to high luster leaving you with versatility. Once wet it will revert to a natural wave pattern.

Our Raw Malaysian hair has been imported directly from Malaysia. It’s known to have a healthy medium to high luster leaving you with versatility. Once wet it will revert to a natural wave pattern

Each bundle is roughly 3.2-3.5 oz

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(78) reviews for Raw Malaysian

  1. I purchased 3 bundles of 10/12 in Raw Malaysian hair for my bob sew in, and I LOVE IT! This isn’t my first purchase from DHair Boutique. I continuously come to them because HANDS DOWN they have the BEST HAIR I have ever purchased period. I’m wearing the Malaysian hair as a bob right now, straightened out with loose curls. I am getting so many compliments because it’s so full and so NATURAL. I finally have a place that understands what it means to offer a quality product. This hair’s lifeline is amazing! Best hair EVER!

  2. I absolutely love the texture of this hair! It’s so soft and tangle free which is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be ordering more!

  3. I went in with my mind set on the burmese hair, after we talked about what I was wanting to do they showed me other options. I was amazed by all the variety of the hair to choose from. The raw mayalsian I absolutely fell in love with!!! The ladies were very friendly and made me feel welcome patient during my indecisiveness. The customer service I give a 5 star for, as I witnessed then treat the next 2 ladies the same, found out what they were looking for, what they were wanting to do, showed them options and discussed the best options. I left excited about my purchase and will refer others. Hair quality best I have even experienced!

  4. Love Love Love this hair!!! Not just the hair but the staff is outstanding, I will continue business with this company.

  5. I love their hair. I purchase 4 bundles of combodian light wave, 4 bundles of Filipino straight and 2 bundles of Burmuse curls it is by far the best virgin hair I have ever purchase. The hair came in well package, smells very nice. Customer service excellence. I’m now waiting for the pink Friday sale to get same raw Malaysian and the sea Angela collection in addition to more Burmese curl. I still have some hair from her hair company and Lola’s hair at home but after seeing my dhaiboutique hair I don’t even want to install the others I have. This is the best hair company to invest your money. I’m going to do a review on their hair on my YouTube Chanel soon. Because there is not enough review on this company on YouTube. Check out my Chanel soon hispanola_beauty.

  6. I ordered 4 x 12″ bundles of this amazing Malaysian hair. Loved the packaging…and I loved the way it smelled. I can definitely tell that some took extra great care of the hair before it was shipped. I’ve ordered hair before (the place shall remain nameless) but it wreaked of chemicals when i finally opened it…it was downhill after that…matted and shed like a mangy animal.

    Needless to say I won’t be purchasing hair from anywhere else but Dhairboutique EVER again. So in love with my tresses. I get so many compliments. . And even with me dying this hair honey blonde its still in great condition. My hairdressers was in love with my hair as well…she kept raving about how tight the weft on the hair was…said she could barely get the needle though the hair. I’m sure that’s the reason why it doesn’t shed much if at all.

    Do yourself a favor ladies…save this place in your favorites…its worth every last penny!

  7. I loooooove Dhairboutique. This is my second time ordering from this company. First time I ordered Cambodian slight wave which I absolutely love. So soft, doesn’t table and blends well with my hair. I just received my Raw Malaysian today and it’s everything. From the packing, the hair came smelling real clean, and it’s so soft and I’m in love with the wave pattern. Can’t wait to get it installed for my trip to Jamaica. I’m very picky about who I buy hair from and I can honestly say I’m a loyal lifetime customer.

  8. Love this hair and the girls that work at the boutique!! Next up: Burmese curly

  9. I bought this hair in May of 2015, over a year later and it’s still great and tangle free, I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.

  10. This was my first purchase with dhair boutique. Great quality ?. I have received a ton of compliments on the hair and it was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend.

  11. I just got my hair installed for my wedding on 8.20, I am beyond disappointed in this hair. The hair won’t hold any curls and it is much, much shorter than I expected. I ordered 14 inches which seems like 10″. I am convinced I received the wrong hair. I have ordered hair from Dhair previously and have had no issues, not sure what went wrong this time! 😞

  12. Just purchased my hair ! So excited !

  13. Be aware that if you purchase outside the US extra charges may apply. I purchased 3 bundles from the UK and was charged £79.91 in tax and duty which is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

  14. My first order. Loved the hair, the way it took color, the waviness after washing it. Im not able to fully enjoy my hair yet because I bought the Dhair Wavy closure which was…just wrong….but once i get the right closure my look will really pop! Didn’t like the closure but loved the bundles…

  15. The hair is so pretty and blends with my natural texture perfectly. Only con is that my hair has a lot of split ends, when makes it dry. I’ve only had the hair in a week and will have to condition again.

  16. The hair is so pretty and blends with my natural texture perfectly. Only con is that my hair has a lot of split ends, when makes the ends brittle dry. I’ve only had the hair in a week and will have to condition again.

  17. I ordered four 24″ bundles of Raw Malaysian hair. At the end of three of the bundles wefts has a lot of loose threads. All the bundles has white plastic hairs but theres one bundle that has A LOT of them. The bundles came a little damp but thats okay and the lengths are somewhat off. The package is very nice glittery and pink. I’ve contacted the store but still no reply.

  18. Hi. So I purchased 22,22,20 and 18 inches one week ago and the hair came really fast. HOWEVER !!!! I purchased the raw Malaysian wavy, and the 22 and the 18 inches is pretty nice(nothing mega) wavy texture, but the 20 inch is a curly or more like Afro texture and it does NOT Match the other bundles at all! I emailed the next day(witch is 6 days ago) and still no reply. I can not install the hair because of the no matching bundle. I am very disappointed. I live abroad so I have to pay customs of total 160$ in addition to the 500+ $ I paid for the hair. I don’t think I will recommend this company..

  19. I live in the US and I paid for expedited shipping so I received the hair pretty quickly. However, the price I paid to expedite was more than the actual amount that was listed on the packaging. I don’t understand why the company feels the need to profit from overcharging for shipping. I ordered Raw Malasion(18, 16, 14). The initial inspection of the bundles was a little disappointing because all of the bundles had quite a bit of additional threading at the ends of the wefts. Probably where they cut the bundles. I had to cut the thread off before installing. For this amount of money, I’d like to do little to no maintenance before installing. There were no weird smells and the wave pattern was really pretty. After cowashing, the hair turned out so nice! The waves were popping. Way too big for my taste when worn wavy with all 3 bundles. Probably could get away with 2 or 2 1/2 if you’re gonna wear it wavy. I straightened it and it is nice and full. The hair straightened nicely without any issues. I do notice minimal tangling at the nape at the end of the day but I brush the hair and the snags come right out. No major tangling or shedding. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since installing and I can say I’m adding them to my list of reliable hair companies. I will update in about another month.

  20. Best hair ever! I get so many compliments. You will not be disappointed!



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