Raw Wavy Tape Ins


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D'Wavy $3.00
Raw Curly Tape Ins $140.00


Tape extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pretaped hair wefts, that are applied to the hair “taped-in” between ones own hair in “sandwhiched” like bonds. This method is 100% natural and required no tools or chemicals. each installation can last 8-10 weeks with proper care. They are reusable and completly safe and will not cause any damages when properly/profesionally installed and removed.
40 tape in pieces per bundles
3.5-4oz per bundle
2 bundles are recommened for a natural install, 3 for a full installation.
100% RAW Cambodian Hair.
Our beautiful Raw Cambodian Hair is slightly silky-medium in texture and has a natural wave pattern.
It comes from the Northeastern part of Cambodian and has a medium luster. This hair has lots of body, is very soft, manageable, smooth and tangle-free.
Comes in natural shades of brown ranging from medium to dark which can vary per bundle. Hair can be colored,curled,straightened,and will revert back to it original state when wet. With proper care hair will last upward of 3-5 years or more.

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